What SMT-ASSY Is Known For:

Our strengths through the years have always been our flexibility, being able to turn around on a dime, and managing any last minute requests from the customer. The quality of our work and our on time delivery is what makes the foundation of our relationships with our customers. We do have competitive pricing; are we the lowest on the market? Like any other business, we win some and lose some. Sometimes the fit is great and sometimes, like any relationship, there are adjustments to make in order to create a win-win scenario.

We are rewarded with customers for life. It is a big statement, but it is very true. All of our employees, as well as the ownership, have all been rewarded with work, accomplishments and pride for it. Just like our employees, our customers keep returning year after year, order after order, and that means the world to us. In 2006, we started working with a new customer and every year since, we’ve asked him if we were in a good position to win their best supplier award. Every year, the customer laughed and said that they did not have such an award; we finally received a beautiful plaque from them in 2014. That is why accomplishments, determination, and people are the most important.

Give us a chance to show you what we do and how we do it, and we will try our hardest to merit a Best Supplier Award from your company too. Fill out our Quote Request form and we will be happy to submit you a quote for our services.