Professional and dependable PCB and SMT assembly services

Your PCB (printed circuit board) is the central nervous system of your mechanical or electronic device so you need highly professional and dependable SMT assembly services to ensure quality and accountability. With our vast experience we can be your ideal contract manufacturer who can help you not only lay down the design of your device but also implement the entire solution.

SMT assembly services, although faster to implement and seemingly easier to execute, require high level of efficiency, experience and expertise our assemblers and technicians are ideal for such high-caliber jobs. Organizations and businesses that manufacture industrial appliances, medical equipments and telecommunication tools closely collaborate with SMT-ASSY for their SMT assembly needs and PCB requirements. Our seasoned designers and systems architects can quickly come up with the exact PCB solution for a wide variety of mechanical systems such as RF systems, emitters, transmitters, receivers, controllable electronics, power supplies, data communication and video and audio transmission devices

If you prefer to outsource your electronic design, manufacturing and testing requirements we can be your ideal partners. As a small business you can completely rely upon our time-tested resources, expertise and technicians in order to launch high-end mechanical products. You don’t need to worry about setting up your own SMT assembly and PCB design units in order to execute your business plans. Whether you want just a couple of units or an entire range of products you can easily and confidently partner with us. We follow all environmental and regulatory conventions as our commitment to responsible business and industrial philosophy.

We can provide you:

  • PCB layout design
  • Electronic assembly
  • Customized PCB manufacturing

You just need to send us your PCB circuit information and we can produce you professional grade PCB layout by using our state-of-the-art SMT assembly services. You can send us your information in the form of hand drawings, computer printouts and even pre-existing hardware samples. We believe in providing tailor-made PCB layout and design services because we understand that every product idea is unique and hence has unique requirements. Even when the design is made we can make changes according to your schematic structure and data analysis.

Our in-house SMT assembly services produce highest quality embedded systems and electronic designs according to strict national and international standards. We provide complete end-to-end PCB design and manufacturing solutions to technology companies that produce medical, telecommunications, and industrial tools and appliances and our services include printed circuit board assemblies, SMT assembly, prototype building, product design and packaging. We can provide multilayer flexible or rigid circuit boards. In order to avoid costly errors we conduct for analysis and review of the design before actually going ahead with the PCB production.

Your most challenging PCB assembly requirements are handled with promptness and trustworthiness. Take your product design to the next level. Contact us for more details.