Spend your time designing, selling and supporting your product; let us do the work in between.

Full Turnkey service covers all aspects of assembly, including bare board and component procurement, tracking of orders, quality inspections, assembly, test, and final PCB assembly.

With Partial Turnkey service, the customer may be responsible for supplying some components, the bare boards, or to do the testing at their facilities.

To begin the process of obtaining a quote for full turnkey, we need the standard Gerber files and the bill of materials (BOM), which must include: quantities, reference locations, manufacturer’s name, and manufacturer’s part number. Based on the information given to us, we can provide a quote for full turnkey services within 1 day to a couple of weeks.

The question that we are often asked is: “What is your percentage on the parts?” Our answer to this is simple: In general, our buying power is pretty good, therefore we get better pricing and we transfer some of the savings to our customers; of course, we make a profit on the components. At the end, it’s a win-win situation; we transfer savings to our customers, they get reduced costs, they sell more and we build more in the long run.

Interested in our Turnkey Services? Email us your information, and we will get back to you with our quote in a matter of days.