Choosing an SMT Assembly Firm: Four Things To Think About

As electronic assembly has become a more and more important part of the modern business landscape — not to mention hundreds of products we use every day — the competition for SMT assembly contracts has gotten fierce. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult for electronics firms to understand the differences between vendors, as well as differences in price and quality.

Because electronic manufacturing can affect so many different parts of your bottom line, here are four things to think about when choosing an SMT assembly partner:

The availability of custom designs and manufacturing. Even if you don’t require a custom SMT layout now, the chances are good that you will sometime in the future as your company grows. With that in mind, it almost always makes sense to choose an SMT assembly partner who can help you come up with a board that meets your needs exactly, and can do it with a minimum of time and expense. Since not every company offers design engineering from pre-production to full mature production, it’s a good idea to ask about these options before making an agreement.

The geographic location of your SMT assembly partner. The world is shrinking, and locations matter less than they used to in most fields. When it comes to electronic assembly manufacturing, however, it’s a good idea to try to choose a firm that’s close to home. That’s because delays in delivery or service can slow — or even stop — your production process, costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more. If you need a firm in New York or Montréal, for example, try to shop close to home.

The real price of your SMT assembly. This means looking beyond the price you see on your bid or invoice and that the overall cost effectiveness of your investment. Delivery times, reliability, and the quality of your vendor’s SMT design and manufacturing process can all add up saving or costing you money. Make sure you understand what you can expect in terms of value beyond the initial figures.

The reputation of your electronic assembly provider. Even with the terms set in writing, having the wrong SMT assembly company can quickly become a huge problem for your business. Know that going into the process and check around to see what type of reputation your next vendor really has. Just a small bit of caution and diligence in this area can save you untold amounts of time and money later.

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