How Using A Custom SMT Design Can Save Your Company Thousands

Many business owners and managers shy away from custom SMT designs because they are afraid that integrating them into their electronic designs will entail higher costs. While that can be true in the short term, custom SMT design and assembly can often end up saving a manufacturer thousands of dollars in just a few short months.

Here are a few ways your firm may actually come out ahead by getting quality engineers to design and produce SMT boards specifically for your products:

By letting you integrate the features you want into your products. Custom designs mean custom benefits. If you have been looking for ways to integrate more features in your electronics — or gain a leg up on some close competitors — then upgrading your designs and adding more value might be the perfect way to do it.

Higher electronic and PCB performance. An electronic assembly or any other field, increase performance is the one competitive edge that’s hard to take away. If your units work better, faster, longer, or more efficiently, there’s a good chance customers are going to seek you out, regardless of small price differences. That’s why custom design and assembly can be so powerful — they can let you manufacture products that are more powerful and represent better value or buyers.

Lower product returns. In some cases, trying to fit generic boards into your electronic assembly process, or simply using models that aren’t specifically designed for your products, can cause a higher failure rate than you’d experience otherwise. By integrating custom SMT designs, you may be able to save on product returns and raise customer satisfaction at the same time.

Savings on other components. Likewise, moving to custom SMT design and assembly might allow you to change to more cost-effective components in other parts of your manufacturing, leading to heavy bottom-line savings. By choosing the parts and features you need, rather than working from pre-existing SMT layouts, you give yourself more long-term cost flexibility on other components.

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