The Four Signs of a Quality Electronic Contract Manufacturer

There is sometimes a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the right electronic contract manufacturer. Not only are there dozens or hundreds of companies out there — from multinational corporations to local vendors — but a variety of different prices, specifications, delivery times, and other options.

To help you cut through the clutter, and share some of our insights from more than a decade in the electronic assembly business, we would like to view four quick signs of a quality SMT or PCB assembly partner:

A focus on low costs and cost-effectiveness. Naturally, stay competitive, any electronic manufacturing firm is going to have to offer prices that are in line with their competitors. That can actually make it harder for buyers to find the right fit, however, since you can’t always get great insight into the service and reliability you are going to receive as part of the transaction. Talk to your vendor to see what their philosophy on the value is like — the answer you’ll get will be more revealing than what you would see on a simple price quote.

An electronic assembly quote that includes service. When it comes to electronic assembly, there is no such thing as simply selling a product. At some point in the business relationship, you’re going to need to make a change to your order, speak with an engineer, or get some on site service. When that happens, you’re going to want to have a vendor you can count on, so make sure that any quote or agreement you see includes reliable service options.

The ability to create and manufacture custom designs. At some point or another, you’re bound to one SMT or PCB design that doesn’t fit what’s readily available. In that case, you need your electronic assembly vendor to have a team of quality engineers who can design and manufacture new boards to your specs. The ability to create and produce custom components is an important feature that you shouldn’t overlook.

Lead-free electronic manufacturing and assembly. In today’s business climate, environmental concerns are quickly becoming bottom line issues of profit and public relations. Do your part for the planet – and your company’s image – by choosing an electronic assembly firm that uses a lead-free process.

If you want the best in electronic assembly in the Northeast, contact SMT-ASSY today. With competitive pricing, quality manufacturing, custom design and pre-production, and locations in New York, Boston, Montreal, and Toronto, we could the perfect SMT and PCB partner for your business.